Monday, March 12, 2007

Paradox of Forgiving Love

Hhmm.. been a while since I last updated...

Anyway, after being 'interrogated' by a Bible study group (members of the group will know who they are) about some issues regarding our future love partner, been thinking a 'lil about what love really means..

I kinda realised that we, humans, tend to love only what we like. We mix with certain people because we like them.. we read only the things we like, such as the comics and sports sections of the newspaper.. we even sometimes choose to hear only the advices we'd like to hear.

But God's concept of love is so radically different from ours. We are inclined to go for what is comfortable and to avoid what brings pain. What about God?

God loves what is in our best interest. We are inclined to forgive when we think it is in our best interest. God wants us to forgive when it is in the best interest of someone else. God tells us, "Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good" (Romans 12:9), or another version reads, "Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good".

Well, loving others requires a willingness to forgive. In the same way, whether we like it or not, forgiving others requires a willingness to love... can't run away from either, if we are to let love be made "complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment, because in this world we are like Him" (1 John 4:17).
So then, how do we know what love is?
God is love.
We love because He first loved us.
The ability to love and forgive can begin only after we have been forgiven by God.

This reminder hit me hard. I've failed terribly in this aspect of love.. to love and forgive when it is in the best interest of another.

God loved everyone. Shouldn't we at least try?
He paid the ultimate price for us on the cross and has chosen to forgive us for all we've done. We're so unworthy of such love and sacrifice. He truly loved us while we were still His enemies. He came to us so that we might come to Him. Such Amazing Love. Such forgiving love.

I'm forgiven, because You were forsaken
I'm accepted, You were condemned
I'm alive and well, Your Spirit is within me
Because You died and rose again

Amazing Love, how can it be
That You my King would die for me
Amazing Love, I know it's true
Now it's my joy to honour You
In all I do, I honour You

Forgiveness is the loving cencellation of a debt. God forgave because He loved.


By the way, congrats to all of you who just got your SPM results!

For those waiting for their STPM results, all the best!
May the peace of the Lord be with you.

And oh, happy belated 17th brithday, Zhong Xin.