Friday, December 26, 2008


A Merry Christmas to all of you..

So Christmas day has jst passed here in Malaysia..
I think it has jst turned 26th in the UK as well...

How did you celebrate Christmas this year?

Did the joy of Christmas spread to your household?

Were the songs of carols tickling your ears wherever you went?

What about the spirit of sharing?
Gifts, presents, toys, socks, wine, Christmas turkey - were they present in your Christmas setting?

So how was it for you?

Well, to some.. it may be the same ol', same ol'.
Some may be experiencing their first ever Caroling / Christmas party..
While there may also be those who may not be having a very good time, and may want to just get past this Season as quickly as they can..

For me?
Well, it wasn't really any different as compared to previous years.. maybe lesser presents.. *hinthinttothosegoingawayforholidays* .. LOL!
And oh, I made someone puked... not a very nice way of ending a Christmas day.
Aside from that, the Christmas dinner was good (sorry got no pics to show as I didn't bring my inferior camera with me.. will be waiting for those with power DSLRs to upload them).. the singing was good... the technical team was great... right (joking only!).. LOL!

So what significance do all these have?

Was Christmas significant for you?

What does Christmas really mean?

Why all the hard labour into making it such a huge celebration?

To some, it's a time to cash in BIG time..
Exploiting the over-advertised 'Celebration of the Year' to get as much as they could before the economy turns for the worse..

Was Christmas meant to be turned into a profit-seeking time of the year?

Well, if it ain't so, what is the purpose of Christmas?

What does it mean to those who are searching for hope, for comfort, for joy?

While the 25th of December may not be the exact date of when Jesus Christ was born, Christians all over the world have always considered it to signify His birth.

Alrite.. so what's so significant about this?

Well, prior to the coming of Christ, people have tried to find their way to God through many ways and methods - perform sacrifices, building high towers with the hope that it may reach up to the heavens, etc. etc.
But they just could not, as none could match God's standard of holiness.. and as sinners (in which all of us are), we just can't come face-to-face with such a Holy God who cannot tolerate sin - can't, unless God did something about it.
And He did do something about it.

He left His glory, and came down to Earth to be one of us.
There was no other way.
In order for us sinners to come to God, God's wrath (against sin) had to be turned away from us as none of us can ever face the wrath of God without perishing.
And only One person is able to do so, only One such person who could match the holiness of God, only One person who could pay the price in our place - God Himself.
Indeed, there was no other.
Thus His coming in the person of Jesus Christ has created a path for us, given us a route, provided us a way to come to Him.
Christ' sacrifice on the cross ultimately and fully paid the price for us all.
He took God's wrath upon Himself at Calvary.

And that is what Christmas is all about.
Such love.
Such grace.
Such mercy.
Such humility, that He was to be born in a lowly manger and not in a grand palace.

It was the beginning of the end of God's redemption plan for us all.

If not because of His love, there would be no Birth,
Without Birth, there would be no Death,
Without Death, there would be no Resurrection,
Without Resurrection, there would be no Redemption,
And without Redemption, there would be no Hope.

Thank You, Lord.. for at Christmas, You have given us hope. Given us joy. Given us comfort. And with this comfort, comes forth peace.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 15, 2008


It's come already?
Christmas is here?
How do you know? --> There.. all the decos in all the shopping complexes around KL/PJ lor...

Yeap.. decos were up early again this year... seems like they're setting the decos up earlier nowadays.

And that is usually how people realise that Christmas is near..

Anything wrong with them?
I don't know.

Anyway, for those studying overseas or those back here who haven't been doing much shopping, here are 2 Christmas decos from 2 shopping complexes - namely 1Utama and MidValley..

What do you think of them?

Venue : 1Utama, PJ

Theme : Alice in Wonderland
(I think.. but I don't see Alice anywhere..)

Venue : MidValley, KL

Theme : Circus
(Ironic isn't it? That Christmas is associated with a circus.. )