Saturday, June 14, 2008

EEFC Church Camp '08

Well, seems like everyone's been blogging about the most recent EEFC Church Camp that was held in Pine's Resort, Fraser's Hill..

Just a few words about camp before we proceed with the pictures (lots of pictures, mind you..)

Nothing much to say actually, except that it was a good and refreshing one. Great testimony from the speaker's side too, who still came despite the illness of their grandson.

Anyway, most pics here are from the Wongs (Hon Yau's camera). Enjoy viewing the pics..


EEFC Church Camp '08

Theme : Complete In Christ
Venue : Pine's Resort, Fraser's Hill
Date : 05-Jun-08 -- 08-Jun-08
Photographers : Hon Yau, Hon Chien, Andrew (Camp Group Pic only)

The happening guys' unit

Things you can find here : burgers, lots of junk food, PS2 (ish ish..)

Tabby and Elise

I dunno if you call this posing.. counted too I guess

The unit in which we played lots of cards and Mafia

One of the workshops

This was led by Uncle David from Hope EFC
(Understand Youth)

Not sure if the adults went back more confused..

Zhong Xin's nemesis..


EEFC Eurolympic Challenge

Shan Chung and Jason in action

Random flower..

Poor car..

The Game Masters - Hon Yau and Matt

Dr Ong's group

Oh.. Dr Ong's one of the few very sporting adults who participated in the games

This is what Station Masters do when they're bored and noone's at their station..

Zhong Yi's group in the 'water challenge'

Jen-Li and Eunice

Uncle Tan Loong handling a helping hand to his son, Ivan

Station Masters : JTan, ZX, Mon


Mon and Siaw Lin

One of the good things in this camp was that we have a good amount of free time..

Some of which were spent doing crazy things like this..

Can anyone guess who's this?


More crazy stunts..

And more..

And more.. sigh.. enough lar Matt..

The girls were obviously the more normal ones..

Camp Group Pic

Courtesy of Andrew Lai

Hope you enjoyed the pics.. more pics can be viewed either here, here, or here.

Btw, welcome back Mei Yee!