Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ego 1-0 JTan

JTan has a friend.
His name is Ego.
He's not a very good friend.

JTan admits.. today, he let Ego control him.
Bad, bad Ego.
And bad, bad JTan for allowing Ego to control him.

So what happened?

It all started with a missed turning.
First, JTan's lousy driving caused him to be on the wrong lane - wanted to take a right turn (which would've made our lives easier) but had to go straight since the traffic lights were green for straight and red for right.
Well, "It's alright," JTan thought, "there's another road which leads back to the road we wanna be on."
So everything settled? Mission accomplished? Back on the same road?
No. JTan just had to miss that particular "road which leads back to the road we wanna be on."
*tries to hide embarrassed face*

Well, "No worries," JTan thought again, "this road we're now on seems to be heading towards another road which will eventually lead us back to the road we wanna be on."
YM gave a good suggestion to make a U-turn.
But Ego came into play. Ego suggested that JTan was correct and had good reasons to believe he was right. Well, at that time, neither Ego nor JTan realised that Kampung Pandan is actually NOT Pandan Indah.
So did JTan take YM's advise? Obviously not.

After about 5 minutes, JTan finally realised his mistake.
*tries to hide embarrassed face again*
It's a bit too far to U-turn now. JTan was thinking hard, "Where in the world does this road leads to?" And after passing by the Rain Tree Club, he thought, "Hey, this road actually leads to another road which will also eventually lead us back to the road we wanna be on. Woohoo!"
He had a feeling that he was supposed to turn left. But took a right, he did instead. And once again, Ego told JTan that he's right. There's no need to call for help from others or ask them for advise. Moreover, JTan's sense of direction was supposed to be quite good. So he thought.

After another few minutes, MK called. At the same time, JTan kinda realised he made another judgement error once again.
*wah, really no face to hide this time*
MK suggested another route - which will lead back to "the road we wanna be on." - a way faster route but involves the toll.. a price to pay for letting Ego win.
AL made a brilliant request by asking HY to take the lead this time.
*paiseh.. JTan really, really has got no more face to hide*

In short, we got to our destination in time.
But we could've reached way earlier if JTan hadn't allowed Ego influence him.

So what has JTan learned today?

Maybe God was trying to teach him something today.

It is important to have a teachable heart.
When one is stubborn and self-centred, it's a bit difficult to have a heart that's humbled enough to be taught and corrected.
There should be less of ourselves and more of God.
May He help JTan to develop a humble and teachable heart, ever ready to admit his mistakes and be corrected.

Anyway, God is good.
We reached there in time, the rain stopped, we were all able to run, and 3 guys from our group won a medal each.
Hope everyone had fun :)


A friend commented that there's another lesson that JTan can learn from this - should have listened to women's direction advise. I think JTan would hate to admit it, but the 2 ladies who were in his car ystday had better signs of direction than him.
*tries to hide face once again*
Aside from YM's earlier advise, JN was practically leading JTan through KL - and should I add that she's not from KL?

Epic fail.

JTan said that he would like to apologise to all guys if he has let you down.