Monday, September 28, 2009


"Missions exists because worship doesn't"

"The ultimate goal in missions is to glorify God"

"It is time for this generation to rise"

"Don't be a bag of salt, but go out and salt the earth"

"Be a light that shines, not a light that blinds"

"Do not be so heavenly-minded, that you are of no earthly use"

and also

"Do not be so earthly-minded, that you are of no heavenly use"

We have been complacent and too comfortable where we are for too long now...

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Occasion : College CG Camp '09

Venue : El-Sanctuary, Alor Gajah

Dates : 28 - 31-Aug-09

Theme : APOFASI - for better, for worse

What is inspiring to one, may not be as inspiring to another..
What is exciting to one, may not be as exciting to another..
What is a challenge to one, may not be as big a challenge to another..

While not every single one has been blessed, I'm still glad that all could make it for this year's College CG Camp - Apofasi.

It was awesome to some (me included).. maybe not so to others.. but everyone will have to agree that we had the best camp food yet!
As one of the campers put it - "it was cooked with love.." :)

It was fun, yet serious..

It was also relaxing, yet tiring as well..

It was good to be able to play BRIDGE again.. LOL!

It was good to have Annette back...
I feel that I should attend less camps where Annette is the speaker, 'cause at almost everytime during her sessions, I'll feel slapped in the face, kick in the a**, and as if someone's shouting, "There! You asked for it!"
No, I was joking about attending less.. in fact, I should attend more... I need these slapping-kicking sessions every now and then..

All in all, I thank the Lord for He was present at the camp

Now comes the tough part..

We've heard
We've seen
We've felt
We've been inspired
We've been encouraged
We've been challenged

Now what?

There's a lot to think about..
A lot to question ourselves..

Will we answer the call?
Remember Moses

Will we say no to defilement?
Remember Daniel and his friends

Or will we continue as if nothing's changed?
Will we continue to cave into public opinion?
Will we, like Pilate, go with the crowd?
Will we follow the flow, whichever pulls us stronger?

Will we be fighting for brotherhood? Fighting for our brothers?
Remember the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh
Or will we forget about brotherhood and go to war like the 9 and a half tribes almost did?

Will we run towards those who're in trouble?
Will we offer love and help even to those who have fallen into sin?

Are we willing to be an offering?
Are we willing to go for God's glory?
Remember Nehemiah
Or will we just decide to remain comfortable?

Are we willing to listen to God's voice?

And when the time comes to decide, to make an apofasi, let us not make it alone..
We are a family.. a brotherhood...

Will we be there for one another?

Through ups and downs, thick and thin, frowns and smiles.. even in craziness... :P

I hope so... :)

And to a dear friend who has answered the call...
All the best to you as you brave yourself for a new and probably challenging adventure..

It's all happening too soon...
But well, like I've said, you're just an AirAsia away..

May God go with you even as you face lots of anxieties and uncertainties..
He's worth trusting in..

Take care

We will miss you