Monday, April 21, 2008

Kuching (2) .. and Surprise!

A few more pics from the Kuching trip :

This was taken from Uncle Eric's van while we were on our way to the airport. Thought it was a nice view..

(Really nice of Uncle Eric for sending us all the way to the airport)

One of the highlights of the trip.. getting to know the Election results!


Wanted to take a pic of the Orang Utan. Got the leaves instead..


A trip to the Sarawak Cultural Village

Saying goodbye to Kuching..
A good trip it was indeed


Haha.. she was SURPRISED!!

It was quite a last minute plan, but we still managed to give Mon a surprise birthday dinner at Chili's, KLCC.

A combined effort by both her former schoolmates and her churchmates, which paid out.

Lots of new-found lying talents were discovered among the group.
Very impressive ones as well. Haha.

So here was what took place :

Gee Gee told Mon that they will be having dinner with some camp friends (from POTs) at Chili's, KLCC, after Gaya's convo.

Little did she know that none of her camp friends were going to turn up.
Gee's lying skills - impressive.

Risha and Koon Tim acted well too. Risha promised to drop both Mon and Gee at KLCC (after Gaya's convo), before 'heading home'. Little did Mon expect the 'home' to be the KLCC parking lot.

The rest of us... we just played along.

In short, she found a whole bunch of 'liers' at Chili's waiting for her, instead of her camp friends.


"You bunch of liers!"


Matt's way of saying "we did it!"

Kind souls - these 4 kind ladies here (who were celebrating a bday for the girl in black) so kindly agreed to swap places with a few of us so that our group (Mon's surprise grp) could all sit together

The bday girl and her "talented liers" friends

Happy Birthday, Mon!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well it's the time of the year where there'll be lots of birthday celebrations..

Here's just to start off with a few..

Happy birthday to all 3 of you,
May God be the one you always keep close to,
Trusting in Him who has promised to never let you go

God bless

The early April babies..


Matt Khoo - may this step into adulthood be a memorable one for you, young man..


Happy Birthday!


More pics frm Matt's 21st bday party at Hillside Corner, Bkt Antarabangsa

Look who's in the background .. =.="

Hon Chien : I'm the new Matthew.. noone's better than me. You not happy ar? Wanna fight ar?

The cupcakes.. replacing the traditional cake...

Matt, with his metallic smile..

Matt : Wow! I got a bag I knew you'll get for me..