Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Tale of 4 Stadiums (and an unrelated Platform)

Once upon a time, there lived 4 stadiums.. namely Old Trafford, Emirates, Stamford Bridge and Anfield.

Old Trafford lived in Manchester.
Both Emirates and Stamford Bridge were from London, while Anfield came from Liverpool.

Over time, they became among the most well known stadiums not only in England, but in Europe as well.

A traveller once asked them, "Which of you is the best?"

Old Trafford, with full confidence, claimed to be the best among the 4.

Indeed, it was very impressive and fully deserved to be called the best!

Emirates roared in disagreement, claiming to be on par, if not better.

Well, it is after all the most modern stadium among the 4.. but whether it was the best of not remains debatable.

Stamford Bridge was not in a very confident mood, knowing that its facilities and size could not match that of Old Trafford and Emirates.

Nevertheless, it was quietly confident that it was not the worst.. lol...

And finally, the *clears throat* worst of them all - the title was always gonna go to Anfield..

Being one of the oldest may not do it much good after all... but who knows, they might be undergoing some kinda restructuring soon enough if some rich Russian or Arabian buys over Liverpool FC.


This is totally unrelated to the above..

Anyway, I finally got to see the Platform 9¾ in real life! LOL!

This is just a replica lah.. haha.. but it's still something...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back!!

Updates will come soon...