Monday, November 16, 2009


Hhmm... this looks like a very normal pic.. nothing special, right?
Well well... what d'ya know.. this photo was selected for inclusion in the newly released 9th edition of the Schmap Manchester Guide!

If you do nt have a single clue what is that, neither did I before I got an email indication that this picture has been selected to be part of the guide.. LOL

The site can be found below though if you're interested to go have a look...

Old Trafford and Salford

It's nothing big.. but since this is the first ever time any of my pictures got selected for anything at all, thought I'd jst blog about it... :P

Anyway on a totally irrelevant note, there's such a thing called "playing Settlers too much within a week"... enough of Settlers... seriously, enough...
*yeah rite.. lol!*