Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Australia, Here I Come!

Hey everyone!

Please take note:


Where will I be going?


The title of this post should've given you a BIG hint

Well, if it still miraculously somehow does not..

See the map below?

Yes, that's where I'll be heading to..


Will be going to Sydney.. and after that, Melbourne

So yeah.. do remember not to call or sms me until the 28th of April yah.

Uuhh... do let me know if you need anything from Australia lah k.. like maybe something from a sister who's there or sumthing.. jst leave a comment here or e-mail me if there is anything lah. Hehe


And oh.. birthdays!

April - for some reason or another, there're just so many April-babies around

So since I'll not be around to wish you April-babies, I shall do so now

Here's a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to...

Tabitha Dorcas Lim - 18th

(Ah Pek) Quah - 18th April

Monica Khoo
- 21st April

Wong Hui Min
- 22nd April

Lukas Lim
(Cambridge guy!) - 23rd

Hope you'll all be having nice, happy and interesting celebrations!



And yes.. for those who have yet to know......

I'm officially a GRADUATE now!

After all these years of studying.. really thank God for helping me get through

Convocation was on Sunday (15th April 2007) at Shangri-La Hotel, KL

Well, it was held at Shangri-La because HELP University College has some kind of agreement with the hotel to have their major events there... so yeah.. that's why it was held there

Anyway, I had the opportunity to graduate alongside some other former CF members.. such as Charis, Junita and Serena In. Also managed to see Franklin and Dr Goh in graduation gowns / robes for once.. hehe

Since I didn't have a functioning camera, I had to depend on my friends' cameras. And since I've yet to receive the pictures from most of my friends, can't show too many pics for now.. my apologies to those who're hoping to see Dr Goh's photo here now - "SORREEEE!"

Here are some of the pics I have with me right now..

Some coursemates and I - Joanne's camera

And then...

Hon Yau came to rescue the day!

...with his heroic camera-phone!

Thanks to Hon Yau, we can now see the next 2 pictures.. hehe

"Thank you, Hon Yau!"

Picture with parents

Churchmates who turned up for my Convo - (from left) Jason Kuok, Aaron Teo, .. (me), Monica Khoo and Lim Hui Ling

Hon Yau was taking this pic.. thus his non-appearance in this pic

See you all when I get back!

Take care!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Amazing Love

Can you think of anyone else who would leave His glory to come down to die for our sins?

I can't.

Amazing love - yes, that was it. That was what kept Him there on the cross. That was what made Him come down to our lowly Earth.

What seemed like weekness (the cross) turned out to be victory (resurrection)!

Indeed, He gave His all.

What else could we ask for?

He knew that we needed to be saved.. to be rescued. He knew that there was only ONE way, no other way.

It was His blood that took our place in redeeming sacrifice.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me

Amazing love, how can it be
That You my King would die for me



(belated wish)

Matthew Khoo!

Hope you like the Jay Chou concert DVD!

Not easy to find eh.. hehe.
Enjoy it!