Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Wedding Gift

I can hear the wedding bells ringing now..

The time has come.. it has come indeed..


Let's now assume there's a wedding coming really soon..
Not hard to imagine anyway since there IS actually one coming really soon..

No no, if it's mine I would've told you long ago..

So yes.. back to the imagination..

A wedding's coming really soon..

A wedding of two friends..

A wedding that will make them both become one..


The guests list is up..

The gowns and dresses are ready..

The musicians have all been called upon..

The pastor has prepared his message..

The church is where it's supposed to be..

The decos are in place..

The zhi muis and heng tais.. let's not talk about the zhi muis and heng tais.. zhi muis are scary..

So, in short, let's assume everything's in place..

What's left?

Of course.. you've guessed it right


So now, calling all EEFC College CG people..
You've gotta help to decide what should we get Jason and Ruth for their wedding..

Please check this link (Ruth's blog) for suggested items which are still available (not booked by anyone yet)..

Will probably ask you all again during CG.. so check out the site and be ready to give your suggestions ya..


And to the bride-and-bridegroom-to-be --> Jason and Ruth

May you have a great wedding and a blessed marriage ahead.. :)

Looking forward to the day you both tie the knot.. :)

God bless!

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