Monday, July 12, 2010

July The Twelve

It has been a tiring Sunday..
Some of us who went for Copa Iba came back with tired bodies, aches, and sore throat..

And there was also the ride to the airport for a certain farewell and welcoming back..

And yet, we were able to brave through all these to catch an event that should never be missed - the World Cup Final!!

So.. for those who do not already know, there have been 2 huge stars at this year's FIFA World Cup - namely Spain and Paul the octopus

Prior to the Final, Paul the octopus (who has been used as an animal oracle to predict football results) has wisely chosen Spain over Holland to lift this year's World Cup trophy..
The Dutch would've imagined the worst as Paul has almost been 100% correct coming into the Final..

Paul the oracle octopus

Holland then had to come out with an extraordinary strategy to prove to the world that Paul can sometimes be wrong..

It wasn't gonna be a very pleasant strategy and for those of you expecting a friendly match, boy were you wrong!

Pictures from the Final match between Spain and Holland (courtesy of and ESPN Soccernet)

But Spain (somewhat fortunately) did not crumble into the dirty tactics of the Dutch, and eventually emerged victorious!

Congratulations to the World Champions - SPAIN

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